Anna-Pia Kerber

writer. translator. world traveller.

Anna-Pia Kerber Anna-Pia Kerber Anna-Pia Kerber

To understand the world,
you have to see it.

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Anna-Pia Kerber is a writer, translator and journalist.
Her novels for Harper Collins are published under a pen name.

As a journalist, she writes about travelling, fashion, artists and extraordinary life stories.
She loves snow, Japan, melon bread, the art of Elizabeth McGrath, white sharks and bulbous spires.
She started out her career with a Master of Arts degree in American Literature.
Her final thesis was about Freak Shows in America from the 19th to 21st century.

She travels regularly all over Europe, Canada, the US and beyond, and is available for projects all over the world. Please get in touch for extraordinary collaborations, reportage and fashion projects. She is always interested in exceptional life stories and biographies.

---> LAST STOP 2016 : JAPAN


Tokyo. Kyoto. Los Angeles. Havana. New Orleans. Venice. Paris. New York. Vancouver. Rome. San Francisco. Helsinki. London. Halifax. Bucharest. Santiago de Cuba. Victoria Island. Prague. Lisbon. Goteborg. Nara. Toronto. Berlin. Oslo. Edinburgh. Amsterdam. Big Sur. Antalya. Stockholm. Copenhagen. Québec. Nikko. Portsmouth. Brasov. Malta. Montreal. Prince Edward Island. Volterra. Sibiu. Santa Barbara. Florence. Sienna.

Literary awards

First Prize “Holzhauser – Heckethaler” - with short story “Undine”

nominated: “Storyolympiade - Marvellous Murders” with short story “Der Puppenspieler”

Poetry slam & Performance

Performance „Nadelstiche“ - World's largest Wave Gothic Festival - Leipzig Germany

Poetry Slam „Molotow“ – St. Pauli, Hamburg, Germany
Poetry Slam “Barmbek Schlämt” – Hamburg