traveler. polyglot. global soul.

Anna-Pia Kerber is an

award-winning writer,
translator of bestsellers,
journalist and travel photographer.

She has been to 46 countries and has been working in the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Japan and beyond.

Kerber started out her career with a
Master of Arts degree in American Studies.

Her work as a journalist led her on an extraordinary journey around the world, documenting diverse cultures, conflicts, and human stories.

For her latest reports and photo reportages, she travelled to Japan and Singapore. She did research in prison, brothel and convent.

She has been writing about prostitution and human trafficking and tries to shine a light on social injustices.

Kerber has spent some time in Japan to document Geisha life, Hanami and the impacts of WWII on Hiroshima.

She also spent some time in Cuba where she's been living with locals and writing about the communist regime.

Writing about people with extraordinary biographies, she has interviewed the 5-time world champion of boxing, Sergej Braun, Dragoslav Stepanovic, inventors, scientists and others.

Living and working in "Shark Bite Capital of the World" for a while, she discovered her love for swimming with sharks and the importance to protect them.

Her story "Sunburnt" - a dystopia about the near future - was published in Australia when she was 20 years old.